Social Media Management Technology

Shoutlet is an enterprise social media marketing platform used by leading brands and agencies to publish, engage and measure their social media marketing in one tool. Raise Your Share is an authorized reseller. Shoutlet 5.0 innovative features include Social Canvas, Social Switchboard, web apps and contests and customer relationship management.



Shoutlet capabilities include:

Status Updates – easily update multiple Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter and YouTube  accounts from Shoutlet Master Control Panel
Video/Audio Distribution – instant distribution of video and audio content
Facebook Management – includes capability to quickly build content-rich Facebook tabs and campaigns using built-in Social Canvas design tools
Widget Build & Distribution Tool – rapid, intuitive creation and distribution of actionable and sharable widgets (i.e. sign-up, coupon, video player, twitter, RSS, etc.)
Social Profiles Automatically gather social data into individual profiles, giving your team unprecedented data acquisition and interest segmentation.
Centralized Measurement and Reporting – manage, measure and report across social channels that can be interfaced with analytics such as Google or Omniture
Social CRM Tool – monitor, manage and engage across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to optimize interactions and experience and mitigate undesirable post activities with access to large bandwidth without extra charges.
Social Canvas™ A first-of-its-kind, professional-level design tool to create interactive Facebook custom tabs, HTML5 pages, and web apps with no coding required.
Social Switchboard™ The world’s first trigger-based social campaign tool to launch content when your milestones are achieved.
Web Apps and Contests Promotions, sweepstakes, web apps, and modules increase engagement and are the building blocks of compelling social designs.
Social Enterprise Providing companies with infrastructure to scale and manage your social media marketing across global locations, branches, franchises, and agents.

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