Monetize Facebook with social couponing

Grow your social network and connect with your customers like never before.

CoupSmart is a full cycle social commerce platform that activates your marketing efforts and relationships through digital and social media to drive sales and provide a measurable ROI.

Their patent-pending suite of products helps convert on-site and targeted consumers into fans and turn fans into influential brand advocates. Each of CoupSmart’s products builds a rich and powerful database for their clients, which is then used to increase loyalty by engaging individually targeted customers with automated personalized offers.

Whether you’re looking to drive sustainable share growth in mature markets or successfully launch a new product, CoupSmart provides the tools to Grow, Engage, Monetize and precisely Measure your social marketing efforts.

CoupSmart’s Key Value Propositions:

Grow Your Facebook Fan Base
Directly Monetize Facebook
Engage onsite visitors to make purchases
Drive New Visitors and Repeat Visits
Track Results and Generate Usable Data
Use Data to Extract Long-Term Value

Raise Your Share is the Agency representative for CoupSmart for retail, consumer packaged goods, non-profits and the service sector.

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