Cause-Inspired Marketing + Media Justice is Good for Business

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Matching gift tools good for #GivingTuesday and throughout this holiday season are one of the many ways corporations are using innovative digital technology to increase charitable giving effectively. There is a new model growing for corporate commitment and nonprofit organizations partnering using a multi-level organizational involvement. The best campaigns and partnerships match passion and capabilities to increase overall giving which can be affordably amplified and implemented using digital strategies.  Innovative digital journalism is providing new communication messaging too with corporate partnerships that underwrite journalistic programs that provide authentic voice for transformative initiatives and investigation.

Watson presented an overview of the evolvement of social good to cause-inspired marketing and media justice at the international brand conference and festival, Brandemonium,  in Cincinnati in October 2017. View the presentation in its entirety to learn how passion-driven collaborations tap into many silos throughout each organization resulting in employee loyalty, improved corporate image, new relationships and increased sales.

Cause-Inspired Marketing means finding some worthy cause that a nonprofit and a company feel passionately about; that inspires you to unleash the full power of the company’s resources to make a major difference with that cause or issue.

Media Justice refers to an analytical framework and a regional, grassroots movement led by historically disenfranchised communities to transform media and cultural production, rights and policy in the service of social justice and social innovation.


ProPublica Shares Design Thinking behind new Mobile Apps

by David Sleight This story was co-published with Source. A few weeks ago, ProPublica rolled out new versions of our app for iOS and Android. (If you haven’t tried them yet, stop reading this and go download them immediately!) Rebuilt and redesigned from scratch, they’re the result of a fundamental rethink that kicked off late…

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Saving the dates

A look back after a year of going solo with a calendar in the cloud. Making the final switch from paper was bittersweet.

Final reminder

The neon orange envelope declares – FINAL REMINDER. Renew today! Three devoted decades to the Day-Timer method and it comes to this. We will part ways with a simple ‘thanks for being a loyal Day-Timer customer’ form letter.

My romance with Day-Timer began early as a busy media executive. Continue reading “Saving the dates”

Generating a social media strategy for small business

Social media and big business have a special kind of love affair. The problem is, when it comes to small businesses capitalizing on social resources, there’s often the all-to-daunting question of where, exactly, to start. This confusion often spawns a seemingly prototypical response: Social is not right for my business. It is easy to dismiss the potential of social media marketing when that first blog or tweet goes un-talked about. Read on for some tips for where to start when generating a social media marketing strategy for a small business. Continue reading “Generating a social media strategy for small business”

Interactive Advertising Bureau and Congressman Chabot agree: Internet Advertising cannot be over-regulated

The Interactive Advertising Bureau, Congressman Steve Chabot and SW Ohio digital thought leaders gathered this week to discuss and review the impact digital advertising has on the state and the nation. Michael Theodore, VP Member Services for the IAB, noted “in the past, we have invited representatives from markets to fly-in to NYC. Our visit to Cincinnati, an important market for brand development and digital advertising, is one of our first fly-outs.”

According to the IAB, the economic impact of interactive advertising in Ohio results in an economic benefit of approximately $12.5 billion annually and 129,580 employees in the state.

And IAB Vice President Michael Theodore says it’s just the beginning. Continue reading “Interactive Advertising Bureau and Congressman Chabot agree: Internet Advertising cannot be over-regulated”

Creating Positive Social Media ROI panel at the Digital Non Conference Cincinnati

In the breakout session on Wednesday, September 14, from 3-4pm, panelists take on the age-old question: how do I know my investment in time and money is actually working? For marketers championing a social media program, three words hold a tremendous amount of weight: Return On Investment. How does your company launch targeted, effective campaigns and measure them effectively to gauge success? This panel will help you plan for the ultimate goal – impressive return on investment – at every stage of your social media outreach. Creating Positive Social Media ROI presenters include Jackie Reau, co-founder of Game Day Communications; Alex Shebar, yelp Community Manager Cincinnati; Patrice Watson, CEO, Raise Your Share plus moderator, Chuck Tobar, Senior Business Development Manager, Shoutlet.
Learn more about the Digital Non Conference in Cincinnati on 9/13-/914 with this short video.

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Publishers build new revenue with digital assets

Mathew Ingram cites how several national publishing groups are moving to leverage their digital assets and brand in creative ways to produce new revenue. I use the term ‘monitize’ continually while exploring new ways for my clients to use social media real estate to engage readers, support your sponsor’s efforts and drive e-commerce through app technology. His closing comment sums the state of affairs succinctly:

No one has found the formula for generating revenue from online publishing, so the more experimentation that occurs the better.

New media mantra: Monetize, monetize, monetize

By Mathew Ingram Jun. 14, 2011, 3:04pm Continue reading “Publishers build new revenue with digital assets”

Publishing pros cite 5 benefits for establishing a Facebook presence now.

Five tangible benefits to consider as you are weighing your Facebook investment:<a
1. Content syndication
2. CRM/customer support
3. Story development/R&D
4. Subscription revenue
5. Sponsorship revenue
Read the entire article from emedia vitals last newsletter of 2010: