Meet Raise Your Share intern Sam Cleary

Sam Cleary is the Raise Your Share Summer 2012 Digital and Social Media Intern. A junior at the University of Iowa, he is a student at the Undergraduate Iowa Writer’s Workshop, pursuing a BA in Creative Writing and a Certificate in Business Administration. Sam is also pursuing a Certificate in Advanced Internet Marketing at the University of San Francisco. As Raise Your Share’s Digital and Social Media Intern, Sam hopes to supplement his interest in creative new media/social marketing by gaining hands-on experience with a wide range of dynamic media projects.

“My time at Raise Your Share has provided me with the ideal internship experience– I’m actively involved in real projects, each of which differs from the next, and have found myself a part of a team rather than merely an observer. My work here has been an intersection of all my interests: Editing, writing, publishing, blog/web design, creative brand strategies, and social media ROI. The position has yielded not only exposure, but education through immersion.”

Email: [email protected]