5 ways to monitor your competition with social media

There are more ways than ever to find out what is working and not working for your competitors. Tools available to all businesses include monitoring websites for popularity using Alexa Rankings or compete.com. MSN and Google link-domain services allow you to find out who is linking to their site. Set Google alerts to industry topics, product names or anything you want to keep track of. Thinking about buying Google ads? See who is buying Google Adwords with Googspy.

Brick and mortar businesses have observed the competition for years. Tried-and-true techniques include tracking their approaches to marketing and advertising, understanding their resources and profiling employees that might be a good fit as a future hire. A walk down any business-to-business or consumer trade show aisle offers a look at their employees, their culture and how they interact with customers.

Media competitors swim, if not almost drown, keeping on top of their competition’s output every day. Continue reading “5 ways to monitor your competition with social media”